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Mission statement

In this brief statement, Uppsala Center for Computational Chemistry, UC3, is described with respect to (1) participating parties, (2) objectives, and (3) means for achieving the objectives.

Participating parties

UC3 is based on a voluntary collaboration between programs and groups at Uppsala university, UU, whose research focuses on theoretical chemistry and development of algorithms and software that can be used in theoretical chemistry. Uppsala Multidiciplinary Center for Advanded Computational Science, UPPMAX, is the local resource for high performance computing and the natural partner for providing various hardware solutions. UC3 builds on interdisciplinary collaborations and synergies within e-science.


The principal activity of UC3 aims to achive the following results:

  • knowledge and skills transfer between participating parties,
  • offer a common forum for the theoretical chemistry research at UU,
  • being a strong research environment and infrastructure for attracting collaborations with the industry, and
  • form a cohesive unit for strengthening the theoretical chemistry research at UU by attracting research funding in various forms.


  • joint projects for theory development, development of algorithms and software, and applications within theoretical chemistry using hardware support from UPPMAX,
  • integrated lectures with eSSENCE,
  • jointly developed research training courses,
  • joint applications for research funding, and
  • a common web portal.